The Passport Wine
A Touch of Class

The Passport Wine - Wine o'clock, the time of your dreams.

The Passport Wine is a tribute dedicated to champions who believe in challenging stereotypes, pushing boundaries, defying the usual, achieving the extra-ordinary, flying beyond the sky and living a life of purpose.

This unique brand is the brainchild of Godfrey Madanhire whose life is a true testimony of the power of dreams as a vehicle, licence and the passport to legendary Greatness. His life story is truly inspirational, as he refused to give up in the face of adversity after crossing the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa with just R500 and a passport in his pocket. He immediately found himself jobless and with no source of income. He fought his way through some incredibly tough times, overcoming massive initial hardship, to become a successful entrepreneur with an international presence. Today, he is well known as a life coach and expert who regularly contributes pearls of wisdom in newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television.

The publication of Godfrey Madanhire’s book titled, “ The Passport” served as a launching pad for this incredible brand which symbolizes the power of dreams to break mental boundaries and imaginary limits.


The Passport Wine